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PWACS and Gutierrez Labrador Abogados founded PWACS-Gutierrez Labrador Legal, which was incorporated into the Business Group to create the first national legal consulting firm in matters of water, environment, mines and Public Services, thanks to the extensive experience of both companies in these sectors.


Our professionals develop actions such as:

  • Public Compliance and Anti-fraud Plans.

  • Preparation of Specifications and legal opinions in public contracting procedures.

  • Processing of files before the different Hydrographic Confederations, Ministries and Town Halls.

  • Intervention in boards of directors.

  • Judicial proceedings.

  • Carrying out studies and market strategies, negotiations and business mediation.

  • Carrying out insurance audits (agricultural, product or company).

  • Management and defence of the implementation and use of Trademarks and Intellectual Property.

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